Meet Madi: Crafting Visual Stories in

South Carolina

Growing up, being in front of a camera always felt more like a critique than a celebration. That’s why I started Madi Vonice Photo in Myrtle Beach, and now also in Charleston and Columbia. Here, I focus on capturing who you really are, in an environment that’s all about support and creativity.

As a queer woman, I’m committed to celebrating all kinds of expressions and identities. I love working with individuals and brands who are breaking molds—whether that's showcasing powerful women, exploring queer identities, or just embracing your unique self through photography.

Your session with me will be relaxed and empowering. We'll play your favorite music, and I'll guide you through poses that bring out your best. Forget about camera shyness; this is a space where you can feel comfortable and celebrated.

I aim to represent a diverse spectrum of identities in my work, with a special focus on queer and women-owned spaces. It’s not just about visibility—it's about celebrating everyone exactly as they are.

When I'm not taking photos, I’m enjoying life’s simple pleasures like a cozy autumn day, a good horror film, or a fresh tattoo that tells a new part of my story. I also paint, make films, write, and design websites, continually exploring new ways to express creativity and connect with people.

If you're looking for a photography experience that sees and celebrates the real you, let’s create something amazing together.

welcome to my art sanctuary <3

"Madi's laid-back and genuine energy made the photoshoot incredibly comfortable and natural, and she truly nailed it!"




- Bella





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